BizTalk Server Performance Tips: #3 – Increase HTTP Outbound Connections Limit

Another quick tip for a performance improvement in BizTalk especially when using HTTP to communicate to other web services (in other words, you are using SOAP or WCF based Send Ports).

By default (thanks Microsoft!), a process will only allow two simultaneous outbound HTTP connections to any particular domain (eg, This can severely impact performance.

The key attribute to adjust here is maxconnection and can be found on the <ConnectionManagement> element in Machine.config. The default values are as follows.

  <add address="*" maxconnection="2"/>

The default value should be increased in the BizTalk process configuration files – rather than the Machine.config file – and I suggest that it be set it to 12 times the number of CPUs.

Thus, the resultant config entry becomes …. (the IP address has been changed to protect the innocent).

  <add address="" maxconnection="24"/>


Until next tip… be good!


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